Simtano Bringing Concurrent Design Down to Earth


What makes SIMTANO's services unique:

SIMTANO provides a complete system of services ranging from supporting you in selecting Concurrent Design relevant work-processes to full implementation of the method throughout your company. We will work very closely with you, our customer, and systematically build on the uniqueness of your organization through all the steps. The steps are:

  • Selection of relevant work-processes
  • Definition of problem areas and objectives of project
  • Mapping and modification of the selected work-process
  • Advise on and setting up your Concurrent Design work arena
  • Training of your staff: Team members, facilitators, and project managers
  • Running and facilitating your initial Concurrent Design project
  • Follow-up of team and facilitators
  • Advise on integrating the Concurrent Design approach into your process descriptions, governing documents, ISO documents, etc. Advise on the steps for a successful company wide implementation of the Concurrent Design method. Training is a key element

2 SIMTANO's world-class experts are specialists with a long reputation within their industry. Your SIMTANO consultant will be an expert in your industry.

3. SIMTANO's unique Concurrent Design method was developed for and very successfully used in the space industry.

4. SIMTANO counts in its ranks, the pioneer and world recognised leader of Concurrent Design - Dr. Knut I. Oxnevad. SIMTANO brings more than 14 years of expertise to the table

5. SIMTANO bases all its work on the two solid foundations: The People, Process, and Tools Model (PPT-Model) and "the Eight Principles of Concurrent Design."(1)

6. SIMTANO uses the unique PPT Tool Box for mapping and modifying your work processes

7. SIMTANO will be supporting its customers through planned state-of-the art Concurrent Design centers. The initial one will be set up in Stavanger.