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The Simtano Team

The SIMTANO team is made up of handpicked experts from selected industries including space, aerospace, information technologies, offshore oil and gas, and shipping. They are based throughout North America and Northern Europe. They come with extensive experience from their respective fields and are world-class Concurrent Design experts; the perfect combination for giving you real results.
  Knut I. Oxnevad
Erik Rolland
  Bengt I. Skogvold
Kohut Norm Ohren
  Per Kristiansen

concurrent design expert
Dr. Knut I. Oxnevad

Oxnevad is the founder and CEO of SIMTANO™ , Inc, formerly Concurrent Design Laboratories (CDL). SIMTANO™ uses "The Eight Principles of Concurrent Design" and the "People, Process, and Tools – Model™ to improve the work-processes for its corporate clients. These methodologies were developed over the last 12 years through Oxnevad's research and implemented and tested at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory – California Institute of Technology.

Oxnevad worked there from 1996 to 2005. During his tenure at JPL, he set up and led state-of-the-art concurrent design teams – Next generation Project Development Teams - the NPDT's both at JPL and other NASA centers. These teams performed advanced studies of space payloads, satellites, and surface/subsurface systems.  One of his design teams developed rover and lander missions beyond 2010 for Mars, the Moon and other celestial bodies.

Oxnevad received his Ph.D. from Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA in 1996, where he proposed a new design approach for spacecraft." In 2000, he defined and published "The Eight Principles of Concurrent Design," enabling radical changes in current design process approaches. He is a graduate of International Space University, chaired the New Design Paradigms Workshops, and ran the Design Process Improvement (DPI) Project within the NASA Engineering Training (NET) office. He has published 10 papers and given more than 30 talks at institutions and conferences in the USA, Europe, and Japan on the topics of concurrent design and design process improvements.  He has received international awards for his work, and consults through SIMTANO™ national and international institutions on design/work process improvements.

Selected Papers

  1. Spaceborne Microwave Instrument for High Resolution Remote Sensing of the Earth’s Surface Using a Large-Aperture Mesh Antenna, co-author with E. Njoku (PI), W. Wilson, S. Yueh, R. Freeland, W. Edelstein, G. Sadoway, D. Farra, R. West, T. Campbell, W. Lawrence, Y. Rahmat-Samli, H. Feingold, G. Didinsky, R. Rauwolf, M. Thomson, G. Konicke, JPL Publication 01-09, Pasadena, California, September 2001

  2. The Next generation Payload Development Team (NPDT) -Small Discovery Spacecraft, Included in the Computerworld – Smithsonian (D.C.) Permanent Collection on the IT Revolution, San Francisco, April 8, 2001.

  3. 3. The NPDT - The Next Generation Concurrent Design Approach, The 2nd European Systems Engineering Conference, Session 1.6 - Concept Design Center 1, Munich, Germany, September 13-15, 2000

  4. 4. Computer Accelerated Conceptual Design Development of Spacecraft, Second Lunar Development Conference: Return to the Moon II, Habitat Session, Las Vegas, Nevada, July 20-21, 2000.

  5. 5. Team I, The Art of Concurrent Design, Presented at the Space & Robotics 2000 Conference, Session 6 – Astronomy, Albuquerque, NM, February 28, 2000

  6. 6. A Total Systems Analysis Method, for The Conceptual Design of Spacecraft: An Application to Remote Sensing Imager Systems, Old Dominion University, Ph.D. Dissertation, advisor Dr. Laurence D. Richards, May 1996.