Simtano Bringing Concurrent Design Down to Earth

The Simtano Team

The SIMTANO team is made up of handpicked experts from selected industries including space, aerospace, information technologies, offshore oil and gas, and shipping. They are based throughout North America and Northern Europe. They come with extensive experience from their respective fields and are world-class Concurrent Design experts; the perfect combination for giving you real results.

 concurrent design Knut I. Oxnevad
concurrent design Erik Rolland
 concurrent design Bengt I. Skogvold
concurrent design Norm Ohren
 concurrent design Per Kristiansen
Dr. EriK Rolland

Erik Rolland, Ph.D., is a professor of Management Information Systems with the A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management, as well as a professor of Computer Science with the Bourns College of Engineering at the University of California at Riverside (UCR). Prior to entering academia, Dr. Rolland was a technology consultant in France, Germany,Finland, and Norway. Since graduating with his Ph.D. in Information and Decision Sciences from the Ohio State University in 1991, he has been on the faculty of the Anderson Graduate School of Management at University of California at Riverside, the Fisher School of Business at the Ohio State University (Columbus, Ohio), and the Antai School of Management at the Shanghai Jiaotong University (Shanghai, China), and holds a concurrent professorship at Nanjing University (China). Dr. Rolland was the inaugural director of the University of California’s Heckmann International Center of Entrepreneurial Management, in Palm Desert, California, and has served as both Department Chair and Associate Dean in the Anderson Graduate School of Management.

Currently he spends most of his time researching, teaching, or consulting on topics related to management and technology strategy, the electronic economy, service and healthcare management, and modeling of complex business problems. He has published more than 60 articles in academic journals and texts on information systems, technology, leadership, and strategy. His research is used by several large companies worldwide in their management practices, and Dr. Rolland has consulted with a large number of major organizations in the US, Asia, and Europe.