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The Simtano Team

The SIMTANO team is made up of handpicked experts from selected industries including space, aerospace, information technologies, offshore oil and gas, and shipping. They are based throughout North America and Northern Europe. They come with extensive experience from their respective fields and are world-class Concurrent Design experts; the perfect combination for giving you real results.

 concurrent design Knut I. Oxnevad
concurrent design Erik Rolland
 concurrent design Bengt I. Skogvold
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 concurrent design Per Kristiansen
Bengt H. Skogvold

Bengt H. Skogvold was project manager and lead engineer with Reinertsen Engineering AS, Offshore department in Trondheim Norway during the period 1999-2007.

During his last year there, he was manager of the concurrent design method implementation project in Aker Reinertsen AS in their Halten Nordland (HNO) contract with STATOIL.


Skogvold has since 1985 aquired wide experiences in all phases of oil and gas engineering onshore and offshore, including onshore process systems equipment, terminal/caverns, rock storage and aircraft shelters, hydraulic
calculations, and mechanical engineering and equipment specifications - bothrotating and static. Since 1990, he has held positions in these areas as lead engineer and project manager.

He has also been general manager for the light rail company in Trondheim, Trondheim Engineering AS and a manufacturing company producing small impeller for Waterpower turbine testing.

He has a Msc in thermal rotating mechanical equipment from the prestigious Norwegian Institute of Technology, NTH, Trondheim, Norway.